Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Another Edition of Sketchbook Backlogs - Part 3

And now for the last post of this little series. Monday we looked at misc. cartoons. Yesterday we looked at lots of creatures. And today we have various animals (ahem...mostly dinosaurs). Enough dilly-dallying...Here we go!

Let's start with some Mammals -

1. A Big Cat Study

2. A Capybara

3. A Hippo Squiggle

Now for the Dinos -

4-6. Brachiosaurs!

6. A Hadrosaur

 7. Ceratopsians

8. A Puffin Squiggle

9. A Parakeet Skull

10. A Maniraptoran

11-12. Tyrannosaurs

13. A Sketch Page with various Birds
(A Gator snuck in...and that Creature on the bottom-right - not dinosaurs, I'm well aware. My most sincere apologies...)

14. And one of the most amazing dinosaurs of all, the Raven

And that's all the doodles I have for you as of now! Thanks for tuning in.



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