Thursday, February 19, 2015


Hey everyone! I've mentioned this before, and showed some in progress tests before. But now the full film is up and running online after making it's rounds in the festival circuit! Feel free to check it out below!

As I've said before, this was produced at Side Effects Software, and was done completely in Houdini. I was an animator on it, and designed the simple face rig system, as well as did a number of asset management things.

Here is the official description from vimeo:

The new film by Christopher Romano, with Executive Producer Kim Davidson.... A rickety scientific expedition ventures down the Amazon River to a dark lagoon, in search of a mythic Creature! But the Creature, it seems, has a less than mythic agenda! MONSTRO! is a horror story. A love story. A ribald comedy!MONSTRO! at,, and And check out to learn more about Houdini 3D animation tools!MONSTRO©2014 Christopher Romano and Side Effects Software. All Rights Reserved.version 1.2