Monday, March 21, 2011

More Sketching

A couple things in this post.  Apologies ahead of time...digitizing these images didn't work quite as well as in previous posts. I've been drawing on a large format sketch paper lately, which doesn't scan too well... considering the paper's at least 4 times larger than the scanner's surface area. These images were photographed and touched up instead...

First a few faces:

Next Up: Hadrosaurs! - a Cartoon Parasaurolophus and a Saurolophus Sketch:

I've also been doing some boarding and character studies for an animation idea that I've been thinking about recently...there are still a lot of story issues to there are some elements that I really want to include but might ultimately have to get cut. It's also looking too similar to some previous work from a structural standpoint, so I'm going to try and rework that as well. 

 It's also unfortunate that I can't really get an animatic going just yet since my Wacom pen is dead... I'll have to wait until a later time when I can find some money to get a new one... 

-Evan B.