Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Of Comics and Dino-Evans

Hey Folks,

   Just wanted to plug a side blog I'm contributing to, along with a bunch of my cool friends. Every week we gather to draw a comic in 90 minutes, which is based on two random nouns. Head on over there to check out the first few posts. I didn't make it the first week due to a schedule conflict.

Also, I've been doing mine with pencil/paper lately, since my home computer is apparently too slow to run both a many-person google-hangout and a drawing program at the same time. I keep trying out different ones though, so maybe one of these days I'll get something working.

I also thought I'd post the drawing below, which I did to contribute to my silly bio page on the site. So in case you ever wondered what a Dino-Evan would look like, well here you go:

So be sure to subscribe/follow/whatever to 90 Minute Comics for a variety of weekly rough and silly comics!

See You There!