Sunday, September 29, 2013

Halloween Warmup

Did some playing in Zbrush today. Fall being my favorite season, I decided to rough out a pumpkin:

And then naturally had to give him a face:

But don't worry, this won't take the place of my yearly Jack-O-Lantern Designs! I'll get to those a bit closer to Halloween. I just wanted to test one out in 3D, since it's been years since I've carved a physical pumpkin.

*Random Thought while Sculpting Today: Although you have more flexibility with the actual face creation, virtual pumpkin carving takes way longer than regular pumpkin carving, because you have to, the pumpkin first. Also you can't put a candle in the virtual one and place the whole thing on your stoop. So major downside there...

Stay Tuned for more Pumpkins leading up to Halloween!


Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday Drawing in the Park

Just some misc sketches from today:

I started by drawing actual things that were in front of me....

...but of course ended up just drawing cartoon animals from my head. Here's a walrus being photo-bombed by a cat.

And here's a goof of an elephant seal. The snake does not approve of his goofiness...

That's enough pinnipeds for now.