Monday, February 4, 2013

Another Edition of Sketchbook Backlogs - Part 2

Today I'm continuing on with digitizing miscellaneous things from various sketchbooks. Yesterday was an assortment of random cartoony things. Today is all creatures that just came off the top of my head during the drawing process.

Speaking of which, I guess I'll briefly describe my typical doodling approach, as it's probably not the way others go about drawing things. 7 times out of 10, when drawing I don't have any idea what I'm drawing. I just start scribbling down shapes and forms and see what I can turn them into. It's a very free form improvised approach, and I find it's a great way to experiment with different styles. Often I try to surprise myself. If I figure out early on roughly what the sketch will turn out to be, I'll often times try to steer in another direction just to force myself to think of other possibilities. Sometimes this turns out terribly, and other times it creates some very interesting results. Sometimes I'll even be halfway through a character and then suddenly see a way to change it around into something different.

Enough blabbing. Here are 12 creature drawings for you:

1. Some sort of Reptilian Apex Predator with Insect-like Mouthparts

2. This little Lizard-Thing:

3. This Unexpected Duo

4. A Knuckle-Walking Camel Beast

5. A Terror-Bird-Like Creature 

6. This (Yeah, I have no clue what it is either...)

7. An Oviraptor-Like Creature among other doodles

8. A Heavily-Armored Knuckle-Walker

9. A Griffin Bust

10. This Marsupial-like Critter

11. An Ant-Eating-Something-or-Other

12. A Mythical Feline

Tomorrow will be the last in this current series of sketchbook backlogs. The topic will be real animals (albeit some stylized ones. Oh, yeah...and a large majority of them are dinosaurs. So you've been warned).

Until the next time,


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