Sunday, February 3, 2013

Another Edition of Sketchbook Backlogs - Part 1

I haven't digitized any of my doodles in a long time. Not having easy access to a scanner anymore makes this sort of thing happen less often. But I figured too much time has passed, and so I spent a good amount of time today photographing various sketches from 3 or 4 different sketchbooks and notepads. Some of these sketches are a few months old but some of them are from a year ago or longer. Just never got around to putting them up.

Enough prefacing, here are 25 random little things for you! They are in no particular order.

1. A Feisty Lobster

2. A Zombie Simian 

3. Whatever this guy is:

 4. A Creepy Cat and an Insect-in-a-Coat

5. A Crazy Dude

6. A Sloth in a Hat being attacked by a Robot

7. Earl the Walrus

8. Some sort of Raccoon-like Critter


10. Another Sloth

11. Little Dudes having a Blast on a Cliff

12. Some Cartoony Muscular Dudes

13. This Guy:

14. A Boy and his Hadrosaur

15. This Alien Guy:

16. Curious Bignosington

17. A Happy Dino

18. A Gremlin Dude

19. A Scared Pooch

20. A Cocky Budgie

21. A Penguin

22. A Page from a notebook featuring an old dude, a mudskipper, and others

23. An Angry Critter

24. A Pigeon and a Salamander

25. A Horrendous Eight-Armed Cat Thing

That was just the first wave. The next wave is going to be all creatures. Stay Tuned!



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