Friday, November 5, 2021

Inktober 2021

  I thought last year was a great experience to push my artistic skills out of my comfort zone, and so decided to participate in Inktober again this year. I really embraced the limitations of the physical media and focused on being consistent over perfection. I also tried pushing myself further by playing with watercolors and other mixed traditional media this year. I like some more than others for sure, but am happy to have completed it among all the other things I'm working on. For ease of acces, here's my complete Inktober 2021 compiled in one place:

Prompt 1: Crystal

Prompt 2: Suit

Prompt 3: Vessel

Prompt 4: Knot

Prompt 5: Raven

Prompt 6: Spirit

Prompt 7: Fan

Prompt 8: Watch

Prompt 9: Pressure

Prompt 10: Pick

Prompt 11: Sour

Prompt 12: Stuck

Prompt 13: Roof

Prompt 14: Helmet

Prompt 15: Tick

Prompt 16: Compass

Prompt 17: Collide

Prompt 18: Moon

Prompt 19: Loop

Prompt 20: Sprout

Prompt 21: Fuzzy

Prompt 22: Open

Prompt 23: Leak

Prompt 24: Extinct

Prompt 25: Splat

Prompt 26: Connect

Prompt 27: Spark

Prompt 28: Crispy

Prompt 29: Patch

Prompt 30: Slither

Prompt 31: Risk

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