Monday, February 13, 2012

Whoah Physical Media! What is this nonsense?

Since I spend so much of my time these days solving technical problems, I decided to enroll in a sculpting class once a week after work to help me keep my creative brain working. One reason I chose the sculpting class is because I haven't done any real sculpting before. I've dabbled, but usually just playing around, and not trying to actually to improve my craft or anything. The closest  I've gotten to real sculpting has been in the form of digital detail sculpts and this thing. So this has been a relatively new and challenging experience for me. Hurray for learning!

We're about halfway through the class and in each session we just do gestural bust sculpts based on a model for about two hours. Here's what I ended up with today. Still incredibly rough, but I guess you can't be expected to be amazing at anything on your first go.


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