Friday, July 22, 2011

Tupandactylus II

Continuing on my Tupandactylus, I fixed up the model, created some UV's, rigged, and skinned the critter. The key for the rig was making it so it would be able to work both in the air, and in the pterosaur quadrupedal stance. I think it works rather well.

Next I'm going to do some animation to test the rig further, and make any minor adjustments I may need in the skin weighting before I get to texturing and 'pycnofiber' generation (via the fur tools).



  1. Could you write a post as to your decision process in using Houdini? I've talked with Craig about his software choices and think this would be very interesting.

  2. As far as why I'm using Houdini, or more along the lines of workflow?

    The short answer is I'm currently working at Side Effects Software. As a result I'm getting much more comfortable in Houdini, and, frankly, that's what I currently have available to me. I have a pretty good handle on Maya, so it's been an interesting challenge to figure all this stuff out in another package. Especially since Houdini isn't really traditionally known for it's character stuff.

    For texturing I'm definitely looking to other packages though. I'm going to either do it in ZBrush, or try to dabble with Mari, which could be a lot of fun.