Saturday, June 19, 2010


Hello World!

...sorry I couldn't resist.

So to kick this puppy off, I will elaborate a bit on the purpose of this blog. This is where I will continue to update various (primarily) character and creature design sketches. I hope to push my limits and test out different drawing styles as I go. I will also update the blog with posts of various video/animation work as it comes in.

It's an open pallet to keep the creativity going. So some weeks you may see lots of sketches, and others you may see various animation or rigging demos. To start, the first couple of posts will be of older things I've worked on, just because they fit the theme of this blog so very well.

So let's start with the Serpiiken (Serpenpullus brachioflagelli). This creature first appears as a mount in a museum in this matte painting compositing project from a class last winter...

Here is the original concept art for the Serpiiken:

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